How to Consume VITAL PROTEINS Collagen Peptides

Our VITAL PROTEINS Collagen Peptides are a real fan-favourite. They’re incredibly versatile and they make a brilliant addition to your wellness routine and your favourite recipes.

But what are collagen peptides exactly? And how do you use collagen peptides to experience their benefits? Let’s take a look…

What are Collagen Peptides?

The collagen in VITAL PROTEINS is in the form of peptides which means the protein made of long chains of amino acids, has been broken down into shorter chains of amino acids. The collagen peptides in our products are sourced from bovine hide or fish skin and/or scales.

Your body’s natural collagen supply starts to naturally decline from around the age of 25. It’s important to give your collagen levels a helping hand, as collagen is the glue that holds everything together in your skin, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues.

VITAL PROTEINS Collagen Peptides are unflavoured and odourless, which makes them super versatile. They dissolve in hot and cold liquids and they’re bioavailable, meaning they can be easily digested.

How to Consumer Collagen Peptides

Here’s how to incorporate VITAL PROTEINS Collagen Peptides in your daily routine:

  • Simply mix one serve of our collagen peptides into cold liquids like smoothies or water or hot liquids like coffees or soups
  • Alternatively, mix a serve of collagen into foods like sauces or brownie mix for a different way to incorporate collagen into your routine
  • Always mix the collagen peptide powder until fully dissolved or incorporate to avoid any lumps in your drink or recipe

Collagen Peptides Recipes

You can use VITAL PROTEINS Collagen Peptides in a wide range of recipes, helping you get your daily collagen boost in a variety of ways.

One of our favourite collagen recipes is our strawberry collagen pancakes. Made with our unflavoured collagen peptides powder, these delicious pancakes are the perfect option for breakfast, brunch, or even dessert.

Collagen Strawberry Pancakes Recipe


Collagen Strawberry Pancakes Recipe

Check out our ultimate collagen pancakes recipe.

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Consume VITAL PROTEINS Collagen Peptides as part of a healthy balanced diet containing a variety of foods.

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