How Collagen Can Help You Post-Workout

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Collagen Powder has risen in popularity these past few years. But did you know it can also play an important role in your post-workout recovery and muscle health?

It’s time to level up your post-workout routine and learn how collagen can support muscle growth.

Should Athletes Take Collagen?

The answer is yes. Although collagen can provide you with many beauty benefits, including firming and supporting your skin health, collagen also plays a huge role in maintaining your joints and muscles health.

As an athlete, keeping your bones and connective tissues at their best should be a priority. But as we get older and overwork our bones, collagen production can start to decline and the cartilage that works to protect your bones can deteriorate.

However, incorporating collagen supplements into your nutrition plan can help maintain your collagen levels and support your joint health, which may help protect their athletic performance.

Why You Should Take Collagen After a Workout

Whether you’re tackling a heavy cardio routine or a relaxing yoga session, the three essential amino acids (glycine, proline and hydroxyproline) that work to protect your muscles can break down and become damaged while you work out.

Taking collagen supplements in your post-workout routine can work to increase these amino acids and target your recovery, providing your joints, bones, and muscles with the right support they need to repair after a workout.

How to Use Collagen After a Workout

At VITAL PROTEINS, we have a range of collagen supplements that can help support your muscles and joint health, which in the long-haul supports post-workout recovery.

Many of our formulas are perfect to suit any personal preferences. They are also easily dissolvable so that you can mix them into any hot or cold beverage – or even into a food recipe. One of our favourite ways to consume collagen after a workout is by adding a scoop of Original Collagen Peptides to your post-workout smoothie. This unflavoured, easily-digestible collagen powder may help provide you with a wealth of benefits as well as 10g of collagen to help fuel your post-workout recovery.

Alternatively, if you have a little more time on your hands, you could try out our Collagen Strawberry Pancakes for a post-workout snack.

Collagen Strawberry Pancakes Recipe


Collagen Strawberry Pancakes Recipe

Check out our ultimate collagen pancakes recipe.

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